Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liberal Hypocrisy

Now I don't watch pageants at all. I didn't even know that Miss America was on this last weekend. I had much better things to do, so I didn't watch it.
I watched this clip. I was totally appalled.
Perez Hilton is a jackass, asshat. I really can't apply describe the level of bigotry and hate coming out of that man.
For one, trying to make a political statement out of a damn beauty pageant is stupid. That is besides the point, but his tirade after the fact. Calling Miss California and "B$%ch" and a "Cu$t" is beyond mean.
Watching Perez and Garaffalo, you can get a real sense of how tolerant Liberals really are.
Democrats have been and still are the party of bigots. They hate anyone that doesn't think exactly like them. They hate you if you have an opinion of your own and they hate you for any reason they can think of.

I'm so glad I dumped the Democratic Party.

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