Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama's CIA doubletake

There is growing anger from the Left over Obama's refusal to charge CIA agents with war crimes. You know you have made the Left mad, when Olbermann wags his finger at you.
On one of my favorite blogs Liberal Rapture a commenter asked this.
"Why is it ok for them to be arrested and tried and not the CIA agents who participated in this torture? Were the guards and officers in the Concentration Camps only following the orders of their leader, Hitler? Am I the only one who sees this?" - Mary Ellen
This was my response.

The simple reason is that the Nazi were the enemy. The CIA agents are working for the US.

If Hitler would have won, who would he have had tried at Nuremberg? He who wins, gets the spoils. It's not "fair" or "just" but neither is war and neither is terror. Was it fair for AQ to ram planes into the WTC? Was it fair for AQ to behead American, Japanese citizens and broadcast it over the Internet?
Let me be clear here, I'm not complacent in what happened. We (the US) needs to be held accountable for our offenses. Yet I only have sympathy for those that were not guilty, but just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
For those like Khalid Sheik Mohammad that planned the WTC attack and those like him, they deserve what they get.

Think about this, how far would you be willing to go to get information from someone who, let's say has kidnapped your child and that child will die if the police don't get them quickly? Yes it's a rhetorical question, but it needs to be answered. Would you let your child die, because you think shoving water down the perps thought to get him to talk is wrong? Or would you pull out his fingernails to get him to talk. Say what you want on this board, but at least be honest to yourself.
Make no mistake, I would take a frackin meat grinder to any asshole that messed with my family like that, nail guns, hot oil and bacon if their Muslim.
But it got me thinking about what Obama is doing. Seriously why did Obama release the memos then go and say he wasn't going to do anything?

By releasing the memos, I think Obama is at once trying to appease the growing hostility from the Left, that feels like he is dragging his feet. Remember how Obama said he was going to shut Guantanamo down immediately, but it's still not shut down. Obama doesn't know what do to with the prisoners, France will only take 1.
The memos from the Bush administration will and have created a outcry for "justice" from the Left. But really, it's just more Bush bashing. See how quickly Bush and Nazi have come up. The problem with that is obvious. Hitler killed millions of Jews, Bush overthrew Saddam and set up the foundation for a deomocratic government in Iraq.
To the Left though, the ends don't justify the means. If they did, then the shear proof that we haven't been attacked since 9/11, while Spain, UK, and India all have should be enough.

No...Obama's release is a political ploy. But what is he trying to hide?
I think he is trying to hide his domestic spying power grab from the Left. What else could blind the Left more fervently than more Bush bashing. Meanwhile Obama lays waste to all his campaign promises on domestic spying and FISA. Glenn Greenwald has been adamant in his attacks on Obama over this.
I've said before I don't agree with Greenwald on much anymore, but at least he has a core set of values. Something Obama clearly lacks.
Yet in simultaneously releasing the memos and don't doing anything, he opened a can of worms. The Right will attack him no matter what. But now the he has given the Left some new ammunition to use. And we all know the kind of venom the Left can spew. Just look at Garofalo talk about the Tea Party Protests.

The Right has been saying Obama = Carter 2 for a while now.
The Left is now going to start saying Obama = Bush 3.

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  1. I am glad Greenwald is willing to get off the kool aid. Obama's job is to usurp then bury the left..cannon fire is doing some work on AIG and Obama's health plan.

    What Haliburton was to W and Cheney. AIG and goldman are to Obama