Thursday, February 26, 2009

$634 Billion Swindle

Obama just asked Congress for $634 billion for a "down payment" on Health Care Reform. He plans on raising taxes and cutting cost in Medicare. Most experts say that, that number is really low and can go as high as $1 trillion dollars.
This is on top of the more than $410 billion dollars that just passed the House. Which oddly enough has $7.7 million dollars for an earmark by President Obama. This of course is the same Obama, that repeatedly pledged to not have any earmarks. This is also the President that promised to go "line by line" to cut wastefull spending. Like everything else, it was a lie. File it with his promise to have Bills online for 5 days before he'd sign it, with allowing 48 hours to read Bills before they went to a vote, and of course his whole promise of bipartisanship.
The bigger picture about Obama's Health Care proposal is that it part of a $1.5 Trillion dollar deficit this year. We don't know what it will be next year, or four years from now. Of course this leads to the question of where is the money going to come from. The only answer any Democrat will give is of course new taxes.
Apperently no one told President Obama, that raising taxes on anyone in a recession, even if its half as bad as Obama keeps trying to say it is, is a very bad thing to do. So when will Obama break his promise to not raise taxes for couples making less than $250,000? I'm pretty sure anyone that isn't a Pod, knows it is coming. It's only a matter of when.
Oh wait, Obama has asked for another $75 billion for his wars in Afganistan and Iraq. You know the one's he promised to get out of. Now he is even asking for money for a TARP II.
It's audactious!

Oh and the kicker, as if we needed anymore, Obama wants to institute a cap and trade scheme here in the US like they have in Europe. That's great news for the Global Warming/Climate Change crowd. The science dosen't back them up but what science can't provide, ideology will surely make up for. Unfortunatley, the carbon trading scheme, Obama wants, has already failed in Europe.
Few but the professionals, however, know that this market is now failing in its purpose: to edge up the cost of emitting CO2.

The next four years are going to be rough with Obama at the helm. I only hope we can weather the storm and make it through.

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