Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bloggin Around

Here is what I said at Liberal Rapture, in response to the economy.

No I'm talking about the language coming from the Obama administration. They will tell you, no matter what the data, that the stimulus is helping. It's Orwellian for sure, but that's what they are going to tell you. Then in 2011, they will try and blame Bush, in hopes of getting re-elected. It's a shell game.

I agree with most economists that the recession will probably not reach Great Depression era unemployment, I'm thinking it'll top out at 11%. The stimulus won't effect unemployment to the degree Obama wants everyone to believe. Look at Japan, for Thor's sake...we should be learning what not to do from Japan, not trying to recreate it here. Obama is setting us up for our own "Lost Decade."

Only through the 2010 election, can we do something about it. Vote out every Democrat and Republican that voted for the Stimulus Bill, I'm trying to get it started here in Little Rock. Make them accountable for their votes. Write letters to the Editor and letters to donators. I don't advocate anything on par with the Prop 8 scum, but a civil boycott of groups that donate to politicians that voted for it is in order. You get enough people to tell a company that you aren't going to buy their product because they donate to X Senator or Y Congressman, they won't donate. We have the all the tools, we just need the will to use them.

*hops off soap box*

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