Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Letter to Editor

Here is what I wrote to the Arkansas Democratic Gazette in a letter to the editor. It's my first letter, sparked in part to an ongoing debate over at Liberal Rapture on global warming.

There is a growing fallacy in America that science has "proven" Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming (AGW).

Science is a tricky fellow. True science can never be proven only disproved. Ask any scientist who is worth anything. Better yet ask Einstein, "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."

This leads me, or hopefully any rational person, to believe that anyone claiming that science has "proven" that man is the cause of Global Warming is full of it.

There is no consensus in the scientific community. As recently as December in Poznan, over 650 scientists, including some former IPCC scientists, have now come out against the notion of AGW. Antarctic Sea Ice is up 35% since 1997 according to NSIDC. There have been scientists who have fudged the data to stoke the fires of alarmism, google James Hansen.

This is not an all-encompassing argument, but just a fraction of the debate. It should be debated, especially considering the economic consequences, which will have drastic long term often unforeseen consequences. The one's trying to stifle the debate are usually the ones telling you that science has "proven" AGW. For them AGW is Dogma. The problem with Dogma, no matter what stripe, is that it's hard to prove and even harder to admit that it might be wrong.

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