Friday, May 15, 2009

Dems need to start their 12 steps.

So I don't have much time to post, but I was reading at Liberal Rapture a post today that had this in relation to Obama's Gitmo reversal today.
But here's the worst problem with the reversal - it empowers the right wing:
Liz Cheney Claims Victory In Obama Detainee Photo Reversal
It got me thinking about what's so wrong with admitting that Cheney was right?
Here is what I wrote...
hat really amazes me about this Gitmo thing, is the amount of spinning going on to basically not say....Bush and Cheney were right the whole time and Barry was wrong.

The Democrats have a problem. It's not just Slim. Democrats know how to oppose. They know how to protest the Right and they know how to ridicule (ala Prejean) even if they have the exact same view as the people they ridicule (Prejean/Obama/Clinton...all have the same view on Gay Marriage)
The problem is that when rubber meet the road, the Democrats don't know how to move past the ridicule/oppose your opponent at all costs stage. Gitmo is a great example of this.
They (Dems) want and need to oppose everything Bush and Cheney stood for. They put it in their heads that Bush and Cheney and anything, I repeat anything that they are for, has to be evil.
I mean how can Darth Cheney do anything "good." The Democrats label Republicans as evil in almost religious, making very very hard to admit that sometimes, the GOP can be right. Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, Daschle and Obama are no better than Bush. I'm sure it would surprise people how much they agree with one another on a lot of issues, the problem is, in public even if Obama and Bush agree on say gay marriage, Obama still has to make Bush out as some sort of evil Monster to appease the base.
Pelosi voted for Iraq and said nothing against the CIA's EITs (essentially approving it) which is the exact same position Bush wanted. Now she either has to admit that the "Village Idoit" fooled her not once, but twice...making her ever dumber than the "Village Idiot" or actually admit to her base, that Bush might have made the best decision he could at a difficult time. Obama is echoing the latter with his reversal. Bush wasn't perfect, far from it. He did a lot of shitting things, but his decision to hold military tribunal is far better than civilian courts, which let the terrorists go free and go back to killing Americans (1 in 10 according to Obama's Pentagon)
Why it's only reported in a British Newspaper could help explain why our newspapers are going out of print? Hmmm I wonder?

Democrats, progressive and liberals need to admit they have a problem. Like any good 12 stepper, if they want to reform the Democratic party, they need to admit that the Democrats in office and democrats in general can be bigots, sexist, hypocrites, anti-gay rights, pretty much everything they say Republicans are. Only then will they be able to reform the party.

One thing I love about LR readers is the comments that sexism is so blatant in today's society and the reason HRC wasn't nominated. Yet no one wants to look at the elephant in the room, that it was the Democrats sexism and the Democrats bigotry that coast HRC the nomination. It was Democratic Party sexism, bigotry, age-ism, racism that helped put Obama in power. Now we reap the consequences of DNC bigotry.
Why did Obama block Cheney's attempt to release 2 CIA memo's that Cheney says prove the EIT's worked?

Obama can and has declassified any memo he wants. He has full authority to wave his fucking hand and let the memo's go public.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with the CIA's EITs...isn't it better to have all the facts on the table? If your morals are such that nothing is worth "Torture." Then what would it hurt to release Cheney's memos?

Obama already has admitted that Cheney was right about Military commissions. I guess letting Cheney be right about 2 things is more than Democrats can handle without their heads exploding.
By saying that he has now concluded that releasing the photos would endanger the troops, Obama is reinforcing the idea that he was originally prepared to do something that would endanger the troops, and only reversed himself after conservatives called him out on it.
There really is more that needs to be said of this. Democrats have built an empire on insults and prejudices that just can't be sustained any longer. The world is too dangerous to keep going on with this pettiness.

There was also a comment on one reason why Carrie Prejean get's her own segment on Countdown for her view on Same Sex Marriage, and Obama doesn't, even though they hold the exact same view on Same Sex Marriage.
Maybe it's sexism? Gee you think?
That ties in with what I was trying to say above. The Democratic Party is full of sexists, racists and bigots. They can't admit it or all their insults about Republicans will finally be correctly viewed as hypocritical.
Eventually, the glass house the Democrats have built will come crashing down.
I just hope it sooner rather than later.

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