Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama's Don't ask Don't Tell

You know Obama and the rest don't give a damn about Don't Ask Don't Tell. Why should they? They will use it again in 2010 and again in 2012 to keep the gay rights vote. If they were actually going to go through with their promise, they would have done something by now.

They are using gays for votes. So they use Fear.
Just like the throw the "racist" card out there to scare blacks to vote Dem.

It's the oldest political ploy in the book, straight out of ol' Saul Alinsky...it's just funny that people keep falling for it.

I repeat...I'll keep harping on this...Vote all the fuckers out of office
Keep voting them out until they get the message....listen to the people or your ass is out

But...I'm sure there are plenty of gays, blacks, feminists that are too afraid of changing their vote...so the status quo will just go on.

Just like with HRC, if it weren't for the "status quo" politicians (aka Super Delegates), HRC would have won the nomination, and some real change would have occurred...I wouldn't like her health plan for sure...but a real breath of fresh air would have been nice...instead we get the status quo POTUS that is Obama, hence the Bush=Obama.

But partisan prejudice runs too deep...so I don't think we will ever get real change until we are all broke wondering what the hell happened.

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  1. Umm, since you probably didn't listen to a full speech during the campaign I'm willing to guess that you didn't know that Obama has always said that he wanted to repeal DADT but in a time of war he would go slow and defer to the field generals.

    I'd say the Republicans scamming everyone into thinking they care about abortion is a much better boondoggle.