Friday, May 8, 2009


Sorry haven't posted in a while, have finals and helping the wife with her finals. Next week, when I'm in San Antonio I should have some more time.

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  1. You asked me what I thought of recent POD like activity--

    I think it is for sure occurring--are you specifically referring to the Miss CA article/how quickly it got nasty?
    I think that there are certain issues that some people who frequent LR get tunnel vision on:
    1. Anything related to gay marriage (understandable) But you are right: the gay rights mvmt is hurt by gay rights adv's who go after donors, ridicule others...
    2.Obama as Sinner ("Stole" nom, lies,generally sucks)
    3.Hillary as Saint, a Saint who was entitled to the throne and Sinner Obama stole it;

    JSOM is a great blogger, who moderates fairly, and his blog has been (in my mind, up until around Oct/Nov) the gold standard for polite discussion, stimulating posts and so forth.

    Some commenters just like to be over the top--like calling you greedy, or coming at you /others in an outright hostile "I can learn nothing from you" tone.

    I think there are some core people who genuinely love to listen/share and grow--for instance, Jeannie, JSOM,......?