Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama and the Unions

A common theme in the Obama administration is he will do anything Big Labor wants.
He did it with the Chrysler bankruptcy. You know he will do with with GM.
The level of corruption is horrendous, yet nothing is being reported.
The press is in the bag for Obama. That is nothing new.
It's surprising to see the LA Times report on the SEIU's involvement in Obama's California thuggery.
The officials say they are particularly troubled that the Service Employees International Union, which lobbied the federal government to step in, was included in a conference call in which state and federal officials reviewed the wage cut and the terms of the stimulus package.
This is yet another example of Obama's willingness to break his campaign promises for the people that gave him money.
Ed Morrissey at Hotair has a great post on it.
What really puzzles me is why he isn't pushing for Card Check all that much?
I think maybe, it's because he's waiting for after the 2010 elections. That way if the GOP make gains, he has a fall back. If the Dems stay in power then he has nothing to worry about. It will pass and he won't have to expend any of that political capital.
Basically, he is selfish. Of course that's nothing new.

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